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The costs of owning a car in Shanghai

The following other costs are involved when buying your own car:


 Car Price (new or secondhand car)

 Registration Fee

 Road Tax

 License Plate



Monthly maintenance, tolls and insurance comes to about US$3,000 annually, while the cost of a base license plate is about US$ 4,000.

Car Showroom in ShanghaiWith the cost of top-of-the-line imported luxury cars in the US$ 100,000 range, most expatriates drive General Motors or VW cars, both of whom have factories located in Shanghai. The popular MPVs cost in the US$ 25,000 range, while VW has just come out with a two door passenger car in the US$ 10,000 range.

While the true cost of a car is its depreciation, the second hand car market is very new in Shanghai (personal cars have only been a factor for a couple of years), and determining your car's depreciation is difficult.

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