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Shanghai Launches New 7-Seater taxi, Wheelchair Friendly

Yesterday afternoon, one of Shanghai’s  taxi company announced that from today they’ll be rolling out a new 7-seater taxi on the streets of Shanghai.

The new Nissan cabs will have two rows of seats in the back, each capable of sitting three people, as well as a passenger seat alongside the driver.

According to this taxi company, the new taxi’s rear seats are collapsible and there’s a built in ramp in order to accommodate passengers in a wheelchair.




As if that wasn’t enough, the new model will do away with the clunky, protection barrier around the driver’s seat in order to give passengers more space. Don’t get any ideas about mugging your driver though, they have revealed that the 7-seater also comes complete with security cameras to protect the driver’s safety and to better ensure that people’s lost valuables will be easier to track down.


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